cara apple tukar iphone yang baru bagi iphone 5s yang masalah bateri

Apple akan membuat panggilan balik terhadap pengguna iphone 5s yang mengalami masalah bateri yang cepat habis. Panggilan tersebuat berdasarkan no series yang terlibat tetapi sekaran apple belum membuat kenyataan no series atau batch series mana yang mengalami masalah tersebut. Jika terdapat pengguna iphone 5s yang mengalami masalah bateri , jika tidak dapat panggilan daripada apple , hendaklah pergi kepada reseller apple untuk bertanya dan mendapat replaced iphone 5s yang baru.

Apple will personally contact customers who own iPhone 5s units with affected serial numbers via a phone call. If a customer feels that their phone is affected, but has not yet received a call, they may feel inclined to call AppleCare. If they do, the AppleCare representative can enter their serial number into the system and check to see if their phone is eligible for a replacement. If the phone is not deemed to be in the group of units with the manufacturing issue, AppleCare is instructed to troubleshoot the phone with normal guidelines.
If the phone is eligible for a swap, the AppleCare advisor will be able to organize a replacement via one of several options. The representative can organize a Genius Bar appointment for the replacement to be conducted, or arragne for a replacement at a local authorized reseller. The third option is to send a replacement phone directly to the customer’s home. The customer will be given shipping material to send back the affected device. AppleCare representatives will recommend that customers backup their phones before having them replaced.

apple replaced iphone 5s jika bateri masalah

Apple akan tukar iphone 5s yang baru kepada user iphone 5s yang bermasalah bateri iaitu bateri cepat habis.

Earlier this week, Apple confirmed that some iPhone 5s units are affected by battery-life issuesdue to a manufacturing glitch. Apple said that customers with affected units would be contacted to receive a replacement device. Now, sources have shared some details into how exactly that process will work. Besides what is listed in the quote from Apple’s PR department, Apple has told AppleCare representatives that the issue can cause “shortened battery life, longer charge times, or a battery that will no longer charge…”

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