How to Download iPhone, iPad Apps for FREE using Safari Browse (No Jailbreak Req)

While many are content to use their mobile iOS device as Apple intended, and pay for every single app that crosses their path, there are others that choose to jailbreak their iPhone or iPad so that they can download pirated apps and do with their device as they see fit.
Now Free, pirated apps have long been available for iPhone and iPad users, but installation normally requires that your jailbreak your device. A new Malaysia-based app called BlueBunk bypasses the need for jailbreaking.
With BlueBunk you can download just about any paid app for free to your iPhone or iPad WITHOUT jailbreaking just only using Safari  Browse Only

The new project dubbed "BlueBunk" is the creation of the BlueBunk Team successfully development method to install Free PAID application apple only using safari browser without no  need JailBreak. BlueBunk Team from Malaysia need near 6 months to develop this method to successfully. This method so simple, we just login at safari browser and download application without  need jailbreak. This is first method or crack whereby can install app apple though safari only.  The hack lets users install applications from third-party software repositories, hosted on the Web and accessed through the iPhone, iPad and ipod safari browser.

They make service , who want to subscribe this service need to pay only USD25/year. This is very cheap compared we buy application at apple store. We can install app games , movie and music just FREE. 

In a demo video, which is posted below, how this method work.

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